From his first employment in Paris on Place Vendôme, Rémy Rotenier has created stunning collections for some of the most important jewelers in the world. Through his work with high end retailers in Paris and New York, he mastered the art of building upon decades of a company’s aesthetic and revitalizing it for the present. Rémy is comfortable designing for all categories of product, from high end jewelry to mass market clients including catalogue and television sales he infuses price point items with character based in international reference, historic allusion, and contemporary vitality.

Rendering his designs in spectacular pencil drawings and brilliant gouache paintings, Rémy develops ideas in spontaneous and systematic partnership with his client. Through this centuries-old French rendering tradition he instantly brings to three-dimensional life the richness of classical design made relevant for today’s consumer. These paintings are as much a work of art as the finished jewelry and capture the lively brilliance, finish, and character of precious metals and stones.

Rémy understands the essence of the jewelry company he is working with and from their vision he elevates original concepts to products with coherent integrity, creating new excitement for the company, its vendors, and customers.

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