One of Rémy's greatest joys is the opportunity to work with individual clients developing together a unique and exceptional object of art.  Beginning with quick pencil sketches, Rémy starts to expand upon the client's imagination.  Once the basic design is agreed upon and stones are selected, he then renders the design in full color.  After approval of the color painting, the model is carved in wax or fabricated in metal for review by the client.  Exceptional craftspeople then produce the finished piece in precious metals and gems.

private label yellow diamond eel brooch

private label yellow and white diamond panda brooch

ECLAT Magazine February 2016 medium size

connors hope pin8

Brooch designed for client using her own diamonds, rubies, and saphires from jewelry she no longer wore.  She wanted to incorporate stones from several rings and a large green tourmaline she had recently purchased into one spectacular showpiece inspired by the geometric clarity of Art Deco design.  Rotenier purchased a few new stones to match the client's vintage stones in order to complete the symmetrical design.

deco butterfly brooch

Rotenier was asked to design a butterfly brooch as a surprise gift for the client's wife.  Rémy drew three different designs including the image above from which the client selected his favorite.  The finished brooch has become his wife's favorite as well.

custom bear and monkey set

colored stones circle pendant

custom susan vreelands peacock

custom dachshund pendant

custom lonnies flower necklace

diamond earrings cad 2

custom lydias pinky ring

custom daisy ring

custom rendering 2

custom richards ring

custom ryans rings 2